Lego Star Wars

Lego star wars is one of the most appreciated game of 2006 which gained high rankings during that time. There are 2 more sequels released and all have been accepted in the same way. Starting from 2005 till 2011 LEGO has released one original and 2 sequels of this game.

Using the characters wisely is the key to win this game. Each character is assigned with a special skill. These characters get unlocked at each level. While playing level 3, if you have 6 characters unlocked, then you can use these characters by swapping them in each situation basing on the necessity. If the swapping of the characters happens considering the level and the special skill that the character has, then it is very easy to sustain the enemy and win through the game.

When the characters lose their studs then the players may buy, or unlock extra studs for the characters at the Dexter’s diners. There are many wars which take place between certain characters only and the user will have to use the right character to face the right opponent. The example of this is, if there is a scenario to fight the Cannon evil characters , and then the fight has to be with Cannon good characters like sith and Jedi.

There is a story mode before the free level starts. It is significant to go through the story mode as well, just so that the user understands the game , levels, and the skills of all the characters very well.